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Pho Houng, Springvale

Pho Hoang, Springvale

I have never really enjoyed breakfast. For starters, I just can’t really face the thought of eating anything first thing. Add to that what is a dearth of breakfast foods I find appealing and there’s a long history of skipping the most important meal of the day. Cereal is boring and cold, bacon and eggs leave a greasy unsettled feeling, fruit is generally too acidic, and toast just sits in my stomach.

Then I discovered phở, and realised my occidental birth may have been accidental. A mistake. THIS is breakfast food. Potent and satisfying, this Vietnamese rice noodle soup is traditionally eaten for breakfast. Footscray and Richmond serve up oceans of the stuff. Some places specialise in either beef, phở bò, or chicken, phở gà. Others, like the popular Hung Vuong, do a roaring trade in both.  This chain offers four sizes, Pizza-style. I cannot fathom who might work through a “Large”.  The “Baby” at $5.50 is just right.

Phở bò tái at Hung Vuong

Phở bò tái at Hung Vuong

The best in Melbourne, hands down, is at Phở Hoang in Springvale. I particularly like their Phở bò tái. It sings freshness, and the stock is particularly rich. After what must have been my twentieth visit, I finally asked why their stock was so good. It turns out the owner also runs a butcher shop around the corner. This means plenty of  bones for the stock pot, and the freshest slices of beef to found floating in a bowl of soup anywhere.

Pho Hoang: 36 Buckingham Ave  Springvale  (03) 9558 4064

Hung Vuong: 128 Hopkins Street, Footscray  (03) 9689 6002

Hung Vuong 2: 150 Victoria St Richmond  (03) 9428 8680


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